Hello, I'm Fabian.
I shape content.

My designs help people to understand, orientate and recognize.

Currently I work as Interaction Designer at Milla & Partner in Stuttgart.
I studied Communication Design at the University of Applied Sciences Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany. Most of my projects are in the fields of Interaction-, Motion- and Visual Design.

You can contact me via mail: hello@fabianschroebel.de, LinkedIn or Xing.

Below you can see some shots of my bachelor thesis “mosaik” I did with Christoph Gäng and Andreas Schwarze. In June 2014 we launched the beta-version mosaik.io which we are currently developing further. For updates please check our mosaik facebook page.

Bachelor thesis “mosaik”

The website “mosaik” imparts the basic principles of HTML and CSS interactively and the design possibilities can be explored through trial and error. Aim of “mosaik” is to expand the skills of design students in the field of interaction- and webdesign. With this knowledge they are able to communicate their designs in an professional and confident way to programmers in their later jobs. How “mosaik” could be used you can watch in our Vimeo-Video.